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Who Should Attend?

This conference series will bring together CIOs, CISOs and cyber threat intelligence experts from industry, government agencies and CSIRTs worldwide to share experience, debate, and collaborate on strategies, tactics and practices to effectively protect your business.


Executives responsible for developing, influencing and managing cyber threat information and risk management in the public and private sectors are invited to attend. This includes: IT security practitioners and Chief Information Security officers, senior security policy and risk management practitioners, cyber security and privacy managers, and others.


Conference take-away—Two days of compelling content and networking is only the start.


Borderless Cyber is a continuum series of annual events, each one building on the experiences and conclusions drawn from previous gatherings. The conferences are held on different continents each year, in an effort to encompass global perspectives.


Unlike traditional “sit, listen, and leave” conferences, Borderless Cyber provides an interactive experience that produces valuable, actionable outcomes. Participants become part of an actively engaged community sounding board that generates productive ideas, activities, and alliances during and between events.


At the conclusion of this year’s Borderless Cyber, a recap will be made of points raised, lessons learned, gaps identified, and paths charted. A summary document outlining identified issues will be drafted, along with suggestions on way forward.  This may include the creation of new standards technical committees and other working groups chartered to develop relevant standards, specifications, profiles, and/or best practices.